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    • A case study of mosquito-repellent incense drying in Qinglon
      Processing materials:Mosquito-repellent incense
      Produce products:Mosquito-repellent incense
    • Drying Case of Cuiyuan Orchard in Guangdong Province
      Processing materials:Durian
      Produce products:Dried Durian
    • Kiwifruit drying in Baixi Village
      Processing materials:Kiwifruit
      Produce products:Kiwifruit drying
    • Biological Drying Case in Lianshan, Shaanxi Province
      Processing materials:Polygonum multiflorum
      Produce products:Radix Polygoni Multiflori Drugs
    • Bamboo Shoot Drying Case of Jumang in Sichuan
      Processing materials:Bamboo shoots
      Produce products:Bamboo shoots
    • Drying of Tianmao Fruit in Guangdong Province
      Processing materials:Mango
      Produce products:Dried mango
    • Drying Processing of Chengdu Shanwei Fig
      Processing materials:Fig
      Produce products:Dried fig
    • Drying case of Yuba in Tianlian, Hubei
      Processing materials:soybean
      Produce products:Yuba
    • Drying Processing of Pingyin Flower Nest Rose in Shandong Pr
      Processing materials:Rose
      Produce products:Rose
    • Drying Processing of Zanthoxylum bungeanum in Fengxian Count
      Processing materials:花椒
      Produce products:花椒