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Recommended equipment: PTC hot air oven
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  • Material introduction

    Ascaris lumbricoides is cultured in the coastal areas of North and south of China. Meat can be eaten fresh or processed into dried and oil. The meat of ascarid is delicious, rich in protein and nutrients, and is very popular with consumers. The cultivation of Ascaris has a long history in China. Fujian and Zhejiang have a large yield and have been cultured artificially. The price of dried squid is as high as 40 yuan per bag of 50 grams. Drying squid can greatly increase the added value of squid farmers.
  • Drying

    Heat pump dryer is used as heat source. Compared with fresh products, dried products always have the feeling of less juice and more dregs. Generally, the shellfish products made by ordinary drying methods, such as crickets, are crude and hard in texture and poor in sensory quality, which can not well reflect the delicious flavor of shellfish. In order to improve the shortcomings of the previous drying products, the air-energy heat pump dryer was used to bake crickets, and the operation parameters of each process were optimized.
    Acceptance and acceptance of raw materials for Ascaris
    Choose fresh crickets, pick out broken shell crickets and dead crickets. It is required that each system constructed inside the soft body of Ascaris lumbricoides be vigorous, flexible and odorless.
    Scorpion washing and sand vomiting:
    Fresh crickets were washed in flowing water to clean the shell mud, sand mud and soft mud, and then incubated in 1.0%-1.5% brine for 4-6 hours to fully spit out sand.
    Cooking and cooling:
    After spitting sand, the squid cleans the surface mucus and sediment, and then packs them into a tray with holes, and cooks them in a high-pressure sterilizing pot. When the shell is opened and the closure muscles do not adhere to the squid shell, the squid immediately comes out of the pot for flushing and rinsing. The time should not be too long.
    Shell meat, select and classify:
    After cooking and cooling, the cricket shell is peeled off, the black ribs are pulled out, the shell and broken meat are removed, and the residual mud, crushed shell and other impurities on the cricket meat are rinsed out with clean water. Ascaris meat can be divided into first grade (more than 5 cm), second grade (more than 4 cm) and third grade (more than 3 cm) according to its length. Washing and leaching: Washing and removing impurities such as sediment, and draining water.
    Drying and baking:
    The seasoned crickets are arranged neatly on the plastic net and placed in the cricket dryer. The crickets are dried at 50 - 60 C for several hours until the hydration rate is appropriate. After drying, put the crickets in the food bag and seal tightly. Put it in the natural environment or refrigeration room, let the surface dry and the interior still soft for water balance (moisture regain). After 18 to 20 hours, the food bags were removed. Store for 30 minutes, thaw properly, put it in the drying room again, and then bake for a certain time, in order to dry properly.

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  • Recommended equipment

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