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Air energy drying technology compared with traditional dryin

2019-01-14/ Sunda/
     At present, in agriculture, food, chemical industry, ceramics industry, medicine, mineral processing, pulp and paper making, wood processing and other industries, almost all production processes need drying. The quality of drying materials depends on whether the constant temperature is well controlled. Air-energy heat pump drying technology is a mild, near-natural drying method, more suitable for most agricultural products, medicinal materials and other heat-sensitive materials drying.
     Air-energy heat pump dryer absorbs the heat from the air outside the drying room and transfers it to the room by using the inverse Kano principle, so as to increase the temperature of the drying room and realize the drying of materials with the corresponding equipment. In the working process, the heat pump evaporator absorbs the heat from the outside air, works through the compressor, transfers the energy to the drying room. The hot air in the drying room is heated repeatedly, absorbs the moisture in the material, and discharges the moisture in the material through the process of hot air dehumidification or condensation drainage, so as to realize the continuous drying of the material.
I. Characteristics of Traditional Drying Technology
For example, most of the dehydrated vegetable production still adopts the traditional drying method - the drying room back fire channel heating drying method, which has several problems:
1. Excessive drying temperature. Traditional drying technology, drying temperature is not easy to control.
2. The drying time is too long. The traditional drying technology takes a long time to process 1 ton of vegetables. Sometimes it takes longer to rework because of poor drying effect.
3. Large energy consumption. Traditional drying technology has low thermal efficiency, about 30% - 60%. In the drying process, the heat of evaporating water accounts for about 36%, the loss of exhaust gas accounts for about 58%, the heat loss of dry material and dryer accounts for 2% and 2%, respectively, and the thermal efficiency is only 40%.

II.Characteristics of Air Energy Heat Pump Drying Technology
1. The drying temperature can be adjusted according to the material.
2. Short drying time. Air-energy heat pump drying dewatering material production process, the time required to reduce by half than the traditional drying.
3. Good drying quality. The material produced by air-energy heat pump drying process has good color and stable internal quality.
4. Low energy consumption. Because the air-energy heat pump drying process uses air circulation, the heating temperature depends on the material, the drying time is short and the capacity is large. Therefore, heat pump drying process consumes less energy and is a good energy-saving product.

The economic and technological indexes of air-energy heat pump drying technology are significantly higher than those of traditional drying technology, mainly reflected in energy saving, quality, efficiency and so on.
1. Energy consumption: According to the test, the air-energy heat pump dryer consumes 90% less than the traditional dryer.
2. Quality: Air-energy heat pump drying process, product quality is stable, good color, no SO2 and other dew residues.
3. Efficiency: Air-energy heat pump drying process products, moisture content is qualified, no rework phenomenon, and drying time is short.
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