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Bamboo Shoot Drying Case of Jumang in Sichuan

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Bamboo shoots

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Bamboo shoots

  • Case introduction

        Sichuan Jumang Agricultural Products Processing Company plans to carry out strategic transformation and vigorously develop bamboo shoot drying products processing and marketing. The electric heating drying equipment used by Ju Mang Company has been aging in the recent bamboo shoot drying operation, and has caused serious noise pollution in the drying process. Residents living nearby are very dissatisfied with this. Ju Mang Company has to stop the night drying operation in consultation with the residents nearby. Now is the peak season of bamboo shoot picking. Stopping night drying means bamboo shoot drying. Dry production will be reduced by nearly one-half, and due to aging equipment, the drying effect is not ideal, while the production and quality are greatly reduced, resulting in huge economic losses for Jumang Company. In order to alleviate many pressures, Ju Mang Company has introduced three bamboo shoot air drying equipments of Santa Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd.
    Customer feedback
    According to the customers of Sichuan Jumang Company, the drying effect of Santa's air energy equipment is even and thorough. The bamboo shoots are rich in color and delicious in flavor. They are deeply loved by consumers and wholesalers. Moreover, the air energy equipment has fast drying speed and high efficiency, and the drying efficiency can reach twice as much as that of electric heating equipment. In this regard, Jumang Company intends to purchase two more air energy. In order to completely replace the existing electric heating and drying equipment, the company is satisfied with the environmental protection and cleanliness of the air drying equipment. In the process of operation, the air energy equipment does not make a little noise, which solves the contradiction between the workshop operation and the residential area work and rest. It is not only noise-free, but also no waste water is discharged from the air energy drying equipment of Sunda Company in the process of operation. Waste gas and waste materials are new environmental protection equipment approved by the state. In addition, compared with electric heating drying equipment, air drying equipment has no hidden danger, long service life, more reliable, semi-closed or fully closed automatic operation, simple operation, clean and hygienic.
    Introduction of Bamboo Shoot Dryer
    Bamboo shoot dryer, also known as air energy (heat pump) bamboo shoot dryer, can be used to dry bamboo shoots, but also to dry square bamboo shoots. Air energy technology has the characteristics of energy saving and power saving. Air energy dryer has been widely used in Fujian, Guangdong and other areas.
    The water content of bamboo shoots is relatively high. It is suggested that bamboo shoots should be dried at 30 degrees Celsius and gradually warmed up, so that the drying efficiency is high and the bamboo shoots are well coloured. Because bamboo shoot dryer has built-in temperature and humidity sensors and other facilities, so each batch of temperature can be accurately controlled to ensure the quality of drying.
    Xi'an Sunda Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. can customize all kinds of equipment you need according to the needs of customers. The company has experimental machines. Welcome to negotiate and order experiments.


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