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  • Material introduction

    Ginger is planted in many parts of the country. Little ginger is mainly planted near 27 degrees north latitude in China. The ginger harvested around Bailu in that year is often called "new ginger" and "tender ginger". The ginger next year is called "old ginger". This kind of medicinal ginger is better. Ginger has small varieties of ginger, large varieties of ginger, ginger (wild ginger) and other varieties. It is better to use small varieties as medicine. It is customary to call small varieties of ginger "small ginger". Small ginger has pure yellow cut surface, spicy taste, tender meat, fragrant, fine fiber, ginger has small varieties of ginger, big varieties of ginger, ginger (wild ginger) and other varieties. It is better to use small varieties of ginger as medicine. It is customary to call small varieties of ginger "small ginger", small ginger cuts pure yellow. Taste spicy, tender meat, fragrant, fine fiber. Ginger of large species has grayish yellow with iron color, coarse fibers, less pungent and fragrant than that of ginger of small species, and its efficacy is also poor. Another kind of ginger is between large and small ginger, and its quality is better than that of large ginger. Ginger grows differently because of different regions, but the quality standard is the same. The cross-section color is golden, the taste is spicy and fragrant, and the fine fibers are mostly good. It is mainly produced in Shandong, Henan, Hubei, Hunan, Shaanxi, Gansu, Sichuan and Yunnan.
    Ginger has high nutritional and medicinal value, which is beneficial to health care and health care. Rinse your mouth with ginger water every morning and evening and drink a cup before going to bed to promote blood circulation and prevent arteriosclerosis. If you have aphtha, rinse your mouth with hot ginger water instead of tea two or three times a day. Ulcer surface will converge and heal after three days. If you have waist and shoulder pain, add a little salt and vinegar in hot ginger water, then soak the towel, twist it and bind it to the affected area to make the muscles relax and relax. Activate blood circulation and relieve pain; when hypertension patients have high blood pressure, they can soak their feet in hot ginger water for about 15 minutes, but their blood pressure drops.

  • Drying

    1. Cultivation system and season:
    Ginger can be planted net or intercropped. Ginger is usually sown in silkworm and mulberry fields around the Qingming Dynasty. Intercropping can be planted under high-pole scaffolding crops such as melon and bean scaffolding. It can also play a shading role by Intercropping between rows in Baogu.
    2. Selection, preparation and fertilization:
    Ginger should avoid continuous cropping, so as to rotate with rice, onion and garlic, melon and legume crops, and choose loam or sandy loam with deep, fertile, loose soil and good drainage. Ginger is afraid of strong light, so it should be planted in a suitable shady place. Ginger has a long growth period, high yield and high fertilizer requirement. The amount of agricultural fertilizer per mu is not less than 3000 kg. Potassium sulfate 20 kg or compound fertilizer 30 kg is used as base fertilizer to fully meet the nutritional needs of ginger, and the border surface is generally made into a high border.
    3. Selection and sowing:
    Before sowing, ginger seeds should be selected carefully, mildew, decay and dry weak ginger pieces should be removed.
    4. Field management:
    After ginger drainage, if the soil is wet, it can emerge without watering. If the soil is dry, it should be watered once, but not too much. After emergence, it should be timely watered according to soil moisture and plant growth. In high temperature period, early watering and late watering should be advocated. Waterlogging should be drained in rainy season.
    5. Drying treatment:
    The weight of single batch of dried turmeric is larger. After cleaning, slicing machine is usually used to slice the turmeric slices. The thickness is about 3-5 mm. Then the material plate is loaded and pushed into the drying room. Two 12P main machines are equipped with 11.5 m long, 4 m wide and 2.2 m high drying rooms. Each one can put 300 kg of turmeric slices. A total of 5 400 kg of fresh turmeric slices can be put in one batch. The water content of the turmeric slices is large. Two fresh air valves are needed on each side. The temperature is raised from 55. The total drying time of each batch is 22 hours. The total power consumption is 30 degrees per hour and 660 degrees per hour. According to the calculation of 1 yuan per kilogram, the drying cost of fresh ginger slices is 0.12 yuan.

  • Recommended equipment

    Air oven
    Condensation of air energy plant by compressor, electronic expansion valve, drying filter, four-way valve, evaporator and casing...
    Mesh belt hot air equipment
    The mesh belt hot air equipment is a continuous operation developed from the van dryer...
    Microwave Drying and Sterilization Equipment
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