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  • Material introduction

    Pepper is a tropical spicy crop. It likes high temperature and humidity. It is widely planted in neighboring countries such as Cambodia, Vietnam and Malaysia. It is planted in Hainan, Yunnan, Guangdong, Guangxi and Fujian. The picking period lasts about 50 days. The whole plant can be picked repeatedly. Pepper, as a very good seasoning and edible spice, contains a special ingredient, pepper. Peppermint and pepper oil, with stomach-strengthening, antipyretic effect, and analgesic, antioxidant, insecticidal and other functions, is a cash crop with both use value and market value. In mass production of black pepper and white pepper, pepper dryer is needed. This paper takes the air drying equipment as an example to share the specific steps of processing black pepper and white pepper by pepper dryer.
  • Drying

    Black pepper and white pepper are not different kinds of pepper, but just different harvesting and production processes of pepper. Black pepper picks immature green pepper as raw material for drying black pepper when the pepper fruit grows up and is more uniform. White pepper picks whole bunch of pepper ears as raw material for drying white pepper when part of the fruit color changes from green to yellow and to red.
    Black pepper drying:
    The production process of black pepper is simpler than that of white pepper. It only needs to soak the picked pepper fruit in boiling water for 5-6 minutes, then drain the water and dry it. The skin of the dried black-brown pepper fruit is rubbed off, and the production of black pepper is successful. If you use the sun to dry, it will take about 5 days for a completely sunny day.
    White pepper drying:
    The technology of white pepper is more complicated than black pepper, which needs to be soaked and peeled. Picked mature pepper spikes should first be soaked in flowing water for about 10 days, or even longer, until the pulp rots, and then rinsed vigorously or with auxiliary tools to remove the pepper peel, meat, stalks and other impurities. The main purpose of soaking in flowing water is to keep white pepper clean and fragrant after drying. The process of peeling is very important. At present, there are mechanical peeling, microbial peeling, enzymatic peeling and so on.
    The purpose of white pepper drying is to make the moisture content of white pepper from 40 to 60%, and after drying, the moisture content of white pepper should be controlled within 12%. Heat pump dryer drying white pepper, although the higher the temperature, the faster the pepper drying, but in order to make the characteristics of volatile oil and drying efficiency of pepper to achieve uniformity, the range of 50-55 moderate and low temperature is appropriate, time is about 10 hours, can be baked in batches, equivalent to using sunshine for 5 days. The difference between them is that the more uniform the pepper is, the more fully it is dried, and the longer the shelf life of pepper is. After pepper is baked, it is removed and stored in vacuum packaging.
    Matters needing attention:
    Drying is an important step in making pepper seasoning. The shape of pepper fruit is very small. It is easy to produce baking impurities or uneven drying during picking and sunshine, which results in Pepper moisturizing and mildewing, and affects the quality of pepper. The purpose of using heat pump pepper dryer is to let pepper particles receive circulating air flowing uniformly in the closed drying room. The intelligent PLC temperature and humidity control device in the drying room receives instructions for heating and dehumidifying treatment. The moisture in the pepper fruit body is removed and discharged in time. The drying temperature is 50-65 C. The pepper is dried in stages. When the pepper changes from green to yellow, the drying is thorough and even, and the water content is also high. The rate is controlled within 12%.

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