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Advantage Analysis of Air-energy Dryer for Zanthoxylum bunge

2019-01-14/ Sunda/
    A few days ago, someone was consulting on the Q&A platform: "Which kind of dryer can dry pepper as well as the sun".
      What we need to correct here is that drying equipment can achieve better quality than natural air drying, while ensuring that the value of pepper itself is not lost.
      If we need to clarify this problem, we should make a detailed comparison and in-depth study of the two processing methods.
     First of all, there are many shortcomings of natural air drying, uneven heating, and manual turning is needed (if the amount is large, manual investment is too large, time-consuming and laborious).
      Secondly, if encounter rainy days (especially continuous rainy days), pepper is easy to mildew and deteriorate without drying.
      Moreover, natural air drying, for growers, is not feasible at all. Air drying requires a large number of sites. Some growers planted hundreds of acres of pepper at a time. What size of the site is needed for air drying.
      Then let's see how the pepper dryer dries. The pepper dryer can control temperature and humidity. According to the characteristics of pepper itself, according to a certain drying process, it can achieve better quality of pepper itself. Drying pepper by pepper dryer can greatly improve the drying efficiency, shorten the original drying process which needs a long time to a shorter time, cycle after cycle drying, and the drying quantity is rapidly increased. The dryer adopts PLC intelligent computer control to achieve drying time, automatic shutdown, no need for manual duty, and to a greater extent to save labor costs.
     Understanding the characteristics of pepper dryer, we have to choose pepper dryer, for how to choose pepper dryer, it is necessary to first understand the current domestic energy mode. At present, the domestic drying industry is roughly divided into: coal boilers, biomass hot stoves, natural gas boilers, firewood boilers, pure electric energy, air energy, solar energy.
     At present, according to the domestic environmental protection situation, coal boilers and firewood boilers can be directly eliminated (there is a lot of pollution). Natural gas and biomass are affected by domestic environmental protection. The coal ban directly causes high price rises and outages of natural gas and biomass. Pure electric energy for growers, equipment power consumption is too expensive, general growers can not afford. Air-energy heat pump, once electricity can reach 3-5 kilowatt-hour heat generation, no pollution to the atmosphere and pepper, more importantly, air-energy heat pump dryer equipment has been jointly encouraged and promoted by domestic ministries and ministries, and financial subsidies to support (specific local policies prevail). Solar energy, equipment is expensive, farmers can not afford.

      In conclusion, it is suggested to choose air-energy heat pump dryer for pepper drying. As for the quality or better quality, it is necessary to master the core technology. Here, it is suggested that growers must choose powerful manufacturers to cooperate.

      Xi'an Sunda Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. develops a new type of integrated air energy heat pump drying room machine for growers, which has better energy-saving effect and less investment, and is very suitable for small growers. It is easy to install and operate. Growers can build drying chamber by themselves, which can save the transportation cost and equipment cost of growers to a greater extent.