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Drying Case of Cuiyuan Orchard in Guangdong Province

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Dried Durian

  • Case introduction

        Durian is one of the famous tropical fruits, originated in Malaysia, because of its special strong flavor, lover praise endlessly, haters avoid it, enjoying a reputation at home and abroad. Durian has very high nutritional value. It can strengthen the body, invigorate the spleen and qi, invigorate the kidney and yang, and warm the body. Durian peel is also very special, thorny, rock-solid, with strong lethality, in the supply logistics of durian, durian packaging is very complex and cost-effective, and is essential.

        Guangdong Cuiyuan Orchard is a famous fruit trading company in Jieyang City, Guangdong Province. Recently, the company's internal fruit packaging business has changed, resulting in a long-term backlog of durian in the warehouse. After discussion, the company decided to make durian dried durian from the backlog of durian in the warehouse. This not only releases the warehouse space to sell durian, but also expands the fruit drying industry for the company. The garden immediately contacted Xi'an Sunda  Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. and ordered three air drying equipment for fruits and vegetables.
    Customer feedback:
    According to customers, after Sunda's fruit and vegetable air drying equipment was put into operation, the drying effect made the customers very satisfied, the drying speed was very fast, exceeding the customer's expectations. Xiao Liu, a staff member in Cuiyuan Orchard, mentioned that his understanding of drying still remained at the level of charcoal-baking in the sun. After purchasing air-energy drying equipment in the orchard, Xiao Liu also had a new understanding of drying methods. Air-energy drying equipment has high efficiency, low power consumption, simple operation, automatic operation, saved a lot of effort of Xiao Liu and other staff. Everyone can set up air energy. Bei Du loves it very much. Customers also reflected the use of air energy equipment, not only saved a large sum of money packaging durian, but also durian dried quality is very good, color and fresh durian pulp is undoubtedly, fragrant taste, endless aftertaste, deeply loved by consumers. In addition, Cuiwa Orchard has been committed to creating a clean and environmentally friendly working environment. Zero pollution discharge of air energy equipment is an important factor for Cuiwa Orchard to choose Sunda. Cuiwa Orchard is very satisfied with Sunda's equipment and plans to cooperate with Sunda for a long time.

        Sunda Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. fruit and vegetable air drying equipment is also suitable for mango, persimmon, blueberry, wolfberry, pineapple, apple, kiwifruit and most other fruit and vegetable drying equipment, in addition, the company can tailor-made according to customer needs of various equipment, the company has experimental machines, welcome to experiment to negotiate orders.

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