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Solution of Walnut Drying

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  1. Material introduction
  2. Drying
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  • Material introduction

    Walnuts, also known as walnuts. With almonds, cashew nuts, hazelnuts and known as the world's famous "four dried fruits". Walnut kernels are rich in nutrients, protein and fat, and contain many mineral trace elements such as calcium, phosphorus, iron and other vitamins, such as carotene, riboflavin and other vitamins, which are beneficial to health and are one of the nuts popular with the people. Walnut is widely distributed in China. It is planted all over the country. It is widely distributed in most parts of North China, Northeast China, North China and Northwest China. As far as the main edible walnuts are concerned, the quality of walnuts is excellent in dry climates such as Shanxi, Shaanxi and Xinjiang.
  • Drying

    1. Peeling:
    Walnut matured from late August to early September. At this time, the pericarp changed from dark green to yellowish green or pale yellow, some of the total bracts cracked and a few fruits fell, which could be harvested for processing. Green walnuts cannot be sunned. Sun-dried walnuts are not easy to peel. Walnuts should be stacked in a cool place or indoor, with a stacking height of 30-50 cm and covered with walnut leaves or grass. After 3-5 days, when the green skin is removed from the shell, it is stripped manually or carved with a knife. Generally 4.5 kg of walnuts can produce 1 kg of dried walnuts.
    2. Rinsing and drying:
    After peeling, it should be rinsed with water in time, because the vascular bundles at the base of walnut will shrink over a long period of time, and the rinsing water will easily enter the shell, making the seeds discolored or even rotten. Put walnuts in baskets, then put them in water, stir them with bamboo broom, and wash them for 5 minutes each time, 2-3 batches for fresh water.
    Wet walnuts wash the mud and black dirt on the shell and then bleach. Use 1 kg bleaching powder to warm 6-8 kg of water, dissolve and filter the residue, then add 60-80 kg of clear water to dilute into the bleaching solution. After the walnut is put into the bleaching solution, it is stirred continuously. When the shell changes from blue-red to yellow-white, it can be fished out. The remaining white spots of bleaching powder can be washed out repeatedly with clean water until light white. Bleaching is carried out in a vat, not in an iron bucket, in order to prevent the walnut shell from turning green. Each rinse 80 kg walnuts, bleaching time is 8 to 10 minutes. After the walnuts were fished out, 0.5 kg of bleaching powder was added into the bleaching solution and reused for 7 to 8 times.
    Walnuts can be bleached for half a day and then spread out after most of the water evaporates. It can also be dried at 40-50 C. The mark of sun drying is that the skin color of seed kernels changes from milky white to yellowish brown, and the diaphragm is easy to break. Dry walnuts should be stored in a ventilated and dry room.
    3. Remove walnut kernels:
    When the walnut kernel is extracted by hand, the walnut suture is placed parallel to the ground. The walnut suture should be beaten evenly and forcefully. It should not be beaten fiercely or repeatedly. Generally, 38 kilograms of kernels per 100 kilograms are acceptable.
    4. Soaking in aroma liquid:
    Mix the mixture of 20% Dupi, 5% Clove, 25% Fennel, 20% Licorice, 15% Octagon, 10% Pepper and 5% Fragrant Tablets. Add 10 times amount of water, heat it to boil for 30 minutes, and then filter out the extract. 2%~5% salt and 0.03%~0.05% monosodium glutamate were added into the extract. Walnut kernels were immersed in the perfume solution prepared by the above method for 1 hour, then removed and drained.
    5. Drying:
    Walnut kernels are loaded into 304 stainless steel mesh trays, each tray contains 15 or 12 trays, 6P drying and dehumidifying machine with 25 cubic drying room, which can be put into 8 material trucks at a time, 1200 kg of material at a time, and the drying time is between 15 and 20 hours. The system uses 7 degrees of electricity per hour. The walnut kernels soaked in fragrance are dried to less than 10% moisture at 60 ~70 ~C.
    6. Sugar coating:
    In the sandwich pot, add 20-30 liters of water, then add 60 kg of sugar beet, 30 kg of glucose and 10 kg fructose syrup. While stirring, heat to boiling. After all dissolved, add 100-200 grams of citric acid. Pour the roasted walnut kernels into the sugar solution while it is hot and stir well. Continue to bake at 60 - 80 C after boiling.
    7. Packaging:
    In a dry and hygienic room, the chilled walnut nuts dipped with sugar are packed in an aluminium foil composite bag. The finished product is sealed by vacuum packer or packed by nitrogen filling.


  • Recommended equipment

    Air oven
    Condensation of air energy plant by compressor, electronic expansion valve, drying filter, four-way valve, evaporator and casing...
    Mesh belt hot air equipment
    The mesh belt hot air equipment is a continuous operation developed from the van dryer...
    Microwave Drying and Sterilization Equipment
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