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Drying case of Yuba in Tianlian, Hubei

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  • Case introduction

        Yuba, also known as bean curd peel, bean shoot and branch bamboo in different places, is a popular traditional food. High quality Yuba has golden color, bright oil, rich protein and various nutrients. It contains about 51% protein and 21% fat. Compared with other soybean products, it has higher nutritional value. Soak in clear water for 3-5 hours to start. When cooking, meat, vegetable, roast, stir-fry, salad, soup, etc., the food is refreshing and tasty. It can prevent osteoporosis caused by calcium deficiency, promote bone development, strengthen brain, prevent Alzheimer's disease, prevent vascular sclerosis, protect heart and reduce blood cholesterol content. It can be eaten by all ages.
        Sunda Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. combines with Hubei Tianlian Pulp Bamboo Processing Plant. The air drying equipment of Sunda Co., Ltd. assists the processing technology of Pulp Bamboo. Let us know about the processing process of Pulp Bamboo.
    Processing steps of yuba:
    1. Soybean selection:
    Soybean is the main material for making yuba, and its main components are protein and fat. The quality of soybean directly affects the taste and quality of finished yuba. To select large, full, golden, lustrous, less impurities of soybeans.
    2, bubble beans:
    Soybean water content is about four times that of soybean, and the requirement is that soybean will not appear after swelling. The standard of foamed bean is to remit to soybean, then peel and peel, and then split the two petals into flat plates.
    3. Refining and filtering:
    When refining, 8 times of water should be injected into the raw material to form a fine milky white soybean milk. Then the milled pulp is separated from soybean dregs by using a slurry thrower or extruder. 
    4. Pulping and stripping:
    First boil soya bean milk with high temperature soya bean milk, then lower the temperature, and at the same time skim the white foam in the pulp. After 5 to 6 minutes, the paste surface will naturally form a thin film, that is, Yuba film. At this time, you can copy the note. Strip copying is suitable for diligence, which can slow down the saccharification of pulp and increase the yield of putrefied bamboo. Put the leather on the material bar after lifting it out.
    5. Bamboo drying:
    Pushing the uniformly hung Yuba material truck into the air-energy heat pump bamboo drying room, the intellectualized parameter setting is started: the first step is to intervene in the heat of 50-60 C, the second step is to dry at high temperature for a large amount of dehumidification stage, the temperature is about 65 C, the third step is to dry at 60 C, the relative humidity is controlled below 50%, the water is to be reduced to about 15%, the fourth step is to cool down, the drying time is about 5 hours, and the water content is about 5%. About 8% of the bamboo is shut down, and the whole drying process is completed when the bamboo enters normal temperature.
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