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A case study of mosquito-repellent incense drying in Qinglon

Processing materials:

Mosquito-repellent incense

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Mosquito-repellent incense

  • Case introduction

    The characteristics of mosquito incense industry are low added value, high energy consumption and high pollution. These defects are largely due to the backward drying equipment. The traditional drying method of mosquito incense is to burn coal to heat transfer through heat pipe, then blow it to material through high-power fan for drying. The dehumidification method is also direct exhaust, which has a large heat loss and pollutes the environment.
    In response to the local government's environmental protection measures and the improvement of high-pollution industries, Shandong Qinglong Daily Chemical Products Co., Ltd. has a series of internal plans to optimize the existing mosquito-repellent incense processing technology. It is understood that Qinglong company has been using the traditional mosquito incense drying method, equipment is relatively backward, mosquito incense drying link is the main cause of pollution, for this, Qinglong company decided to update the mosquito incense production line drying equipment. Among all the drying equipment, Qinglong Company is green and green in air drying equipment. In the search and screening of many drying equipment manufacturers, a familiar name came into sight - - Xi'an Sunda Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. Qinglong Company had purchased many honeycomb cardboard microwave drying equipment in Sunda Company. At that time, after Sunda's microwave dryer was put into use, bees. The quality of nest cardboard has been obviously improved, and the drying efficiency is much higher than that of the electric heating equipment before the replacement. Qinglong immediately contacted Sunda Company. After consulting the staff of Sunda in detail, it purchased two 7P mosquito incense air drying drying rooms.
    Customer feedback:
    According to customers, the quality of mosquito-repellent incense, the output of finished products and the working environment of Sunda's air-powered equipment have been significantly improved after it was put into use. The air-powered drying equipment is simple to operate, energy-saving and environmental protection, and occupies a small area. It uses a fully enclosed drying environment, and the outside dust can not enter. The finished mosquito-repellent incense products are free of impurities. Its quality is pure and reliable, and the air-powered drying equipment can be dried Only water is discharged from the process, energy loss is very small and energy recovery is basically complete, so the energy utilization rate is very high, and the output of mosquito incense products is also greatly improved, and the air drying equipment does not emit any waste water and waste gas, does not make noise, and has a good effect on the nearby natural environment. The government departments also actively cooperate with the government in environmental protection transformation of Qinglong Company. The work was commended.
    Xi'an Sunda Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. can customize all kinds of equipment you need according to the needs of customers. The company has experimental machines. Welcome to negotiate and order experiments.


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