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Drying Solution of Sea Cucumber

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  • Material introduction

       Sea cucumber is a marine echinoderm animal. It has a history of more than 600 million years. Sea cucumber is not only a precious food, but also a precious medicinal material. It is as famous as ginseng, bird's nest and shark's fin. It is one of the eight most precious products in the world. According to the Records in the Compendium of Materia Medica: sea cucumber, sweet and salty taste, tonifying kidney, benefiting essence, taking urine, strengthening impotence, its sexual warming and tonifying, enough enemy ginseng, so named sea cucumber. Moreover, sea cucumber has the functions of improving memory, delaying senescence of gonads, preventing arteriosclerosis and anti-cancer.
        The oldest drying methods of sea cucumber are natural air drying and air drying, but these two methods have a long drying time and are affected by the environment and weather. Later, they developed to burn wood and coal. Now the main drying methods are electric heating drying and heat pump cold air drying. No matter which drying method of sea cucumber is for the purpose of dehydration, the key is which drying method can preserve the nutrient composition and taste of sea cucumber better. Next, we talk about the drying technology of sea cucumber and the choice of drying mode through the processing steps of sea cucumber.
  • Drying

    Procedures of Sea Participation:
    Cutting and Intestinal Removal - Cleaning - Cooking - Drying
    1. Cucumber shears to squeeze intestines:
    Clean the sea cucumber with clean water, cut two or three centimeters of mouth from its abdomen with scissors, and take out the viscera and intestines. Without removing the intestines, the whole sea cucumber will melt away.
    2. Clean sea cucumber:
    Sea cucumbers are difficult to clean, so after removing the viscera, the sea cucumbers are repeatedly cleaned, usually five times to clean.
    3. Steamed sea cucumber:
    When the water temperature is 90 degrees, cook the cleaned sea cucumber in a pot and stir it back and forth with tools to prevent uneven water temperature. It can be seen that the sea cucumber shrinks rapidly and the sea cucumber thorn is prominent. About half an hour later, take out the sea cucumber and mix in the crude salt as appropriate.
    4. Drying of sea cucumbers:
    The boiled sea cucumber is placed on the material tray, and the material tray is placed in the air-energy heat pump sea cucumber dryer. The drying temperature, humidity and time parameters are set by the intelligent control system to start drying. If it is common salt-dried sea cucumber, the drying temperature can be set slightly higher. If it is high-quality light-dried sea cucumber or pure light-dried sea cucumber, try to use the cold-air drying mode of dryer, 10-30 C. The cold-air-dried sea cucumber has black and bright color, good preservation of fragrance and special aroma of sea cucumber. The air-energy sea cucumber dryer can adjust the temperature, including hot air drying, cold air drying and natural drying.
    5. Testing criteria for sea cucumbers:
    Sea cucumber products with water content less than 15%, neat shape, intact abdominal cavity, rich meat, bright color, very light salt taste, uniform size. The spines of sea cucumber should be intact and straight.
  • Recommended equipment

    Air oven
    Condensation of air energy plant by compressor, electronic expansion valve, drying filter, four-way valve, evaporator and casing...
    Mesh belt hot air equipment
    The mesh belt hot air equipment is a continuous operation developed from the van dryer...
    Microwave Drying and Sterilization Equipment
    Microwave is a kind of electromagnetic wave with very short wavelength. Its wavelength is between 1 m m and 1 m, and its corresponding frequency is between 300...
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