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Drying Processing of Zanthoxylum bungeanum in Fengxian Count

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  • Case introduction

        Fengxian County is the hometown of Chinese pepper named by the State Forestry Administration of China. Fengxian pepper is also recognized by the State Administration of Quality Supervision and Inspection, and named Dahongpao pepper as a protected product in the local area of origin. Fengxian County, due to its unique geographical and climatic advantages, is famous for its big grains, fresh fragrance, strong flavor and brilliant color. In recent years, Fengxian County has taken the "big red robe" pepper as its characteristic leading industry, and now has a scale of 30 million plants.
        Chifeng Seasoning Processing Company is a well-known local pepper processing and trading company. Recently Chifeng Company intends to purchase a batch of drying equipment for a large number of pepper drying operations. Chifeng Company's customers contacted Sunda Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. After exchange consultation and field investigation, three 12P air-energy pepper drying rooms of Sunda Company were selected.


    Chifeng's customers choose Sunda's air drying equipment mainly because of the following points:
    1. Air-energy heat pump dryer is equipped with perfect Mechatronics settings, full parameter control, to ensure the quality of each batch of drying materials.
    2. Closed and semi-closed drying methods, to avoid pollution caused by bacteria and smoke, good color and quality of drying products.
    3. Save labor, save the cost of manual rewinding, reduce secondary pollution, and make drying operation more convenient.
    4. Clean environmental protection, no sewage, smoke, waste and noise are produced in the drying process. It is a new type of environmental protection equipment approved by the state.
    5. It has a wide range of applications. Under the existing feasible drying process, more suitable materials can be dried by changing parameters and settings.

    Xi'an Sunda Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. can customize all kinds of equipment you need according to the needs of customers. The company has experimental machines. Welcome to negotiate and order experiments.


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