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Kiwifruit drying in Baixi Village

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Kiwifruit drying

  • Case introduction

    Material Introduction:
    Kiwifruit, also known as kiwifruit, is widely distributed in southern China. Kiwifruit is rich in minerals, excellent dietary fiber and antioxidants. It has the functions of clearing heat, removing fire, moisturizing and relaxing stools, nourishing skin. Kiwifruit is not only nutritious, but also sweet and sour, which is a favorite green fruit.
    Customer case:
    Wang Deng, a village branch of Baixi Village in Jiangxi Province, recently contacted the staff of Shengda Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. to consult the drying equipment. During the conversation between the staff of Shengda and Secretary Wang, it was learned that there were abundant kiwifruit in Baixi Village. This year, the harvest of kiwifruit was even more bumper, and the output of Kiwifruit increased sharply, so that there was an oversupply situation. For a while, there was no buyer to take over and fresh kiwi. Peaches are not suitable for long-term storage. In order not to waste the fruits carefully cultivated by villagers, Secretary Wang came up with a method of drying them. He made them into dried kiwifruit, which can not only avoid waste, but also expand the industry in the village.
    Customer feedback:
    In view of the characteristics of kiwifruit and the output of Baixi Village, the staff of Shengda recommended to Secretary Wang a large drying and drying room and a PTC hot air oven. After consulting with the village cadres, Secretary Wang purchased one PTC hot air oven and one large air drying and drying room. In the follow-up exchanges between Shengda's after-sales staff and Secretary Wang, we learned that air drying equipment operates very smoothly after putting into use, and the drying speed is very fast. The dried kiwifruit is also brighter in color and sweeter in taste than the dried fruit in the dried fruit store, which is deeply loved by consumers. Secretary Wang also mentioned that Santa's air drying equipment is very simple to operate, the labor input is very low, the villagers are very willing to engage in the operation of dryers.
    Air energy dryer features:
    1. Only electricity is consumed, and the power loss is small.
    2. Perfect Mechatronics structure, simple operation, environmental protection and reliability.
    3. Drying board room adopts strong air convection, uniform air supply, without manual overturning.
    4. The drying room is closed and not in contact with the outside world to ensure the quality of materials.
    5. The automatic temperature control device is adopted to ensure the temperature and humidity required for drying.
    6. Advanced drying system design, multiple protection, system life up to 15 years.

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