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Drying Processing of Chengdu Shanwei Fig

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Dried fig

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         Shanwei Fig Processing Company in Chengdu, Sichuan, has been drying with fuel oil and coal. Recently, in order to promote sustainable development and improve the local ecological environment, the local government of Chengdu banned the enterprises that caused serious pollution according to law, and urged many enterprises with serious equipment pollution to transform as soon as possible. Shanwei Company's fuel and coal-fired equipment emits exhaust gas seriously, and there are many vegetation cover near the company, so it is easy to cause fire by burning drying. Considering these factors, Shanwei Company decided to replace the existing equipment. After investigating many environmental protection drying equipment, Shanwei Company selected the air energy drying equipment of Xi'an Sunda Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. 
    Customer feedback
    After Sunda's air energy equipment was put into use, Chengdu was very satisfied with its drying effect, drying speed, cleanliness and other factors. Customers reflected that the fig cortex was hard, the flesh was dense, and the water-locking ability was very strong. In the past, when coal and oil were burned, the drying speed was very slow, and because of the burning vigorously, the dried figs were not dried. The color and lustre are not full enough. Now the air energy equipment is put into use, not only the drying speed is many times faster, but also the energy consumption is much lower than imagined. Especially after the fig is dried, the color and lustre are bright and full, which is deeply loved by consumers, and the market value has doubled several times. After investigating and auditing Shanwei Company, the local Ministry of Environmental Protection of Chengdu praised Shanwei Company for its active cooperation and rapid transformation. It also praised the air drying equipment of Sunda Company, the zero emission, noise-free and low energy consumption of air energy equipment, which had a positive role in promoting local sustainable development and accelerating the improvement of the local ecological environment. 。
    Air-energy drying
    Air-energy drying is also called heat pump drying. Air-energy heat pump absorbs the low-temperature heat energy in the dryer. After raising the temperature of heat energy, it is used to heat the drying medium into the dryer. At the same time, the water in the exhaust gas of the dryer is cooled and condensed to liquid water to be discharged. Xi'an Sunda Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. can customize all kinds of equipment you need according to the needs of customers. The company has experimental machines. Welcome to negotiate and order experiments.


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