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  • Material introduction

    Pigskin contains a lot of glutenin, cystine and other nutrients. The volume of expanded pigskin is several times larger than that of original pigskin, which improves the original taste and appearance characteristics. Its color is milky white or milky yellow, attractive aroma, after softening, cooking processing, crisp taste, red roast, stir-fried, salad are very delicious, loved by the majority of consumers.
  • Drying

    Pigskin drying method:
    Through sun drying, the whole process lasts for four or five days, and workers are also required to take care of it, but the pollution of insect and ant dust can not be avoided. If it is rainy and cloudy, the pigskin may taste bad if it is not dried in time, which brings many troubles to the drying of pigskin.
    Later, some people used coal-burning, firewood-burning and heat pipe to dry pigskin. Although the time was shorter than that of sun-drying, it was often due to insufficient manual experience, inadequate control of temperature and humidity, burning situation, resulting in poor quality, unstable taste, and some unnecessary pollution and hidden dangers caused by burning coal-fired firewood, but also brought waste and loss to the drying of pigskin.
    Air-energy drying equipment has the characteristics of high efficiency, no pollution, good finished products, and is not affected by the weather environment. It can operate all-weather without excessive labor input. It is simple, practical, reliable, clean and environmentally friendly. It is suitable for large-scale pigskin drying operations.
    Pre-selection and treatment of pigskin:
    Pigskin without blight and scar after curing can be selected. First, soak the peeled pigskin in warm water for 30 minutes, then wash it with bamboo brush or plastic brush, scrape the dirt on the epidermis with a knife, repair the dirt, remove the impurities and take the method of continuous removal, try not to use the convenient method of sharp knife to scrape, avoid leaving the hair root in the meat skin and affecting the quality of the finished product, and repair the remaining fat on the surface of the meat skin with a knife, requiring no residue. Leave a trace of fat, so as not to affect the degree of oil explosion, and then clean and fat-removed pigskin for slicing and shaping (some areas of the traditional process need to be steamed after slicing), slicing the size of fast shape between 5-10 square centimeters, not more than 10 square centimeters, otherwise it is difficult to pack after oil explosion, less than 5 square centimeters of natural leather can also be processed, no need. Cut into small pieces and shape again, otherwise it will easily cause fragments after packaging, transportation and sales. According to market demand, pigskin can also be cut into silk and diced shapes to meet different customer needs. Cut the skins into material grids, insert material grids into material trucks like drawers, push material trucks into drying rooms, close closed doors, and start drying. Now.
    Drying technology of pigskin:
    According to the heat pump type 6P drying and dehumidification integrated mainframe, equipped with 5.8 meters long, 3 meters wide, 2.2 meters high and 10 centimeters polyurethane thermal insulation drying room calculation, can be loaded into eight material trolleys at a time, each car into 200 kilograms of boiled pigskin, a total of 1600 kilograms, temperature setting 45-60 C, drying process is divided into three stages, the first stage temperature 45 degrees, time 5 hours, continuous dehumidification, the second stage temperature 55 degrees, time. Five hours, continuous dehumidification, the third section temperature 60 degrees, time set for 8 hours, continuous dehumidification, drying can be completed, after drying pigskin color is brown yellow or brown curled bright block, until the finger can not press the mark.
    Post-treatment of pigskin:
    After drying, pigskin will overflow a lot of grease, so in the later processing, oil explosion can be carried out only by removing grease. If the grease stain attached to the pigskin is not removed, the belly can not be made. The method of removing the grease stain is soaking the pigskin in warm alkali water, brushing the grease stain with a brush, then rinsing it with warm water and draining the water.
    Artificial Expansion of Pigskin:
    Before oil explosion, pigskin needs to soften in warm oil, which is the key to whether it can rise. Oil temperature should be controlled at 40-50 degrees. Higher temperature will also affect the degree of rise. Whether it softens up to the standard or not, the degree of collapse of meat skin is determined. This operation standard can not be accurately expressed in words. Only in the process of processing, practice can make perfect, so production and processing experience is the main factor. This is the case. When the oil temperature reaches 120 degrees, the pigskin will rise. When the oil temperature reaches 120 degrees, the pigskin will rise. The key is to keep the sensory level of non-tar, non-aging and non-yellowing and the standard of full expansion. The pigskin will rise completely. The belly, after being removed from the hot oil pan, should control the grease and cool to room temperature before it can be packed. Packaging should not be carried out without controlling the grease and lowering the temperature. Otherwise, it will affect both the packaging and the product quality.
    Machine Expansion of Pigskin:
    With a conical high-pressure semi-automatic expander, heating up the inner wall of the chamber to make the temperature uniform. The dried pigskin pieces are loaded into the chamber with 1-1.5 kg of heat. A proper amount of expansion is added, the closed pressure switch is fastened, and the temperature is heated up rapidly. The temperature in the machine reaches 150-180 degrees C, the speed is 80-100 revolutions per minute, and a certain pressure is generated in the machine. With the temperature rising, after 5-7 minutes, When the pressure reaches 10 gauges (pressure gauges point to 10), stop heating, open the pressure switch, and explosion can be achieved. The expanded pigskin is packed in plastic bags and sealed and packed as finished products.
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